Casting, forging, stamping and machining

Tailor made solutions to any steel related enquiries.

Specialized in

CPS // Blue limestone mailbox


Sand casting and investment casting, primarily focussed on nodular casting iron and low carbon steel

CPS // Blue limestone mailbox


Hot- and cold forged parts and components such as bolts, nuts, heavy-duty hardware, car parts, etc.

CPS // Granite G654


Components and hardware such as connectors, profiles, hinges, etc

CPS // Granite G654

CNC Machining

Or all sorts of products and materials

Services offered:

  • Product sourcing // finding you the right partner to work with
  • Product development // developing a new product for you based on your ideas/drawings/samples
  • Product improvement // give our view in regards to your product design, quality standards and general requirements.
  • Quality inspection // inspecting your order during production and/or before shipping. The following inspections are offered: visual inspection (visual non-conformities, dimensions, quantities, packing/labeling, documents,..), microscopic evaluations, chemical analysis and mechanical testing.
  • Quality improvement // helping the factory increase their quality levels/standards
  • Factory audit // getting to know the factory you work with in order to confirm that they are the right partner which can deliver a qualified product that matches your requirements
  • Factory improvement // working alongside the factory sharing our knowledge in order to increase the quality/quantity of output
  • Purchase assistance // assisting in the communication of your specific requirements with your current/new supplier. This includes:
    • Make thorough purchase contracts and follow-up on the order
    • Ensuring that the delivered quality is in line with the agreements
    • Arrange logistics (domestic, FOB, CIF or to door)
    • Export from companies without export license

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We have a broad range of existing and proven suppliers in China which can supply the products above. Depending on your needs, we will work out a proposal that fits your needs in order to develop your product, start/optimize production, improve quality levels or forge a better way to communicate with the supplier.

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